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Speeding Up Secure Network Connections with Todyl Project Autobahn
Zach DeMeyer | 2023-04-25 | 5 min read

Autobahn. The German word for motorway, it’s globally known as the highway with no speed limit. In fact, the German government recommends drivers go no slower than 130 kph (80 mph) in unrestricted sections to keep pace. Now, however, Autobahn has a whole new meaning: It’s one of the fastest secure network connections available for businesses today.

Introducing Project Autobahn

The newest update to the Todyl Security Platform, Project Autobahn, enables faster connections in, out of, and throughout our Secure Global Network (SGN), the infrastructure that powers our SASE module.

Here at Todyl, we are always pushing to shatter the status quo of security capabilities for companies of any size. Distributed employees and offices, SaaS apps, and cloud services have transformed the internet into the modern corporate network, making fast, secure connectivity more important than ever. That’s why we challenged our engineering team to go back to the drawing board and redesign the system to deliver the fastest SASE connection possible.

Project Autobahn is a combination of new encryption processes, protocols, device drivers, and more, with a complete rewrite of the SGN and Agent connection mechanisms to remove limits on network speed, just like its namesake. Although ISPs, distance, and LAN equipment will affect overall speed, with Project Autobahn, your SASE shouldn’t affect your throughput.

We like to think of it as “invisible security,” delivering best-in-class, Zero Trust and network security, with no impact to the user experience.

Benefits of Project Autobahn

So, why did we do this? Here are a few of the benefits that Todyl users will experience thanks to the new Project Autobahn SGN implementation:

  • Reduced Resource Utilization: Project Autobahn delivers improved CPU efficiency, ensuring that device resources go to what’s most important, productivity.
  • Bandwidth Efficiency: It’s no secret that traditional VPNs perform poorly. Users only connect when necessary, leaving devices vulnerable and when connected, deliver a poor user experience. Project Autobahn enables devices to use nearly all available bandwidth, delivering security and supporting productivity regardless of where users are located.
  • Always On, Zero Trust VPN Replacement: Project Autobahn enables lightning-fast Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), reducing the attack surface area while ensuring a frictionless experience for end users. Users are always connected and always protected, with the ability to authenticate to access sensitive resources. Todyl’s granular access control allows teams to secure environments by the principle of least privilege, reducing the risk of lateral movement and potential insider threats.
  • Scalable to Suit Any Sized Business: With Todyl, you don’t have to worry about upgrading hardware and security products as your business grows. You also don't need to worry about being too small or too large. Todyl’s SASE was built for flexibility and scale, delivering network security to businesses ranging from one to millions of endpoints.

In essence, with Project Autobahn, you get all the aspects of Todyl that you know and love at higher speeds than ever before. That means faster network performance and a streamlined end-user experience, leading to more control over your environment and stronger security overall.

Hear from Our Partners

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s some feedback we’ve received from Todyl partners who participated in Project Autobahn’s beta:

  • “The folks at Todyl have their foot on the gas, and there’s no sign of slowing down any time soon, literally. Their new Autobahn service has consistently delivered at least a 30% or more increase in speed over an encrypted tunnel for our clients compared to traditional VPN connections. Now, you can have near-LAN speed while working remotely, just like you were there!” – David Groot, President, Windstar Technologies Inc.
  • “We are consistently seeing much faster throughputs on the new Autobahn connection, well over 3x our original speeds.  Internal application performance has increased significantly since moving our connections to the Autobahn connection type.” - Justin Mirsky, Owner, Direct Business Technologies, LLC
  • “Impressively fast for a full tunnel VPN, nearly line rate.” – Keith Ferrero, Senior Systems Engineer, IT Voice

Learn More

Want to dive deeper into what Project Autobahn can do? Read this technical overview written by Terry Nelms, Todyl’s Senior Principal Engineer of SGN and Project Autobahn’s lead architect.

Todyl users, to get started with Project Autobahn, all you need to do is ensure you are running the latest version of Todyl across your environment.

Not yet using Todyl? Contact us to learn how you can use Project Autobahn through our all-in-one security platform.

Zach DeMeyer
Product Marketing Specialist