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Todyl consolidates the multiple point solutions necessary for a world-class security offering into a single, cloud-based platform.

Core Platform

Secure Routing

Stateful Next-Gen Firewall

Global Firewall Policy Management with Name Based Rules

Secure DNS with AD Integration

Cloud VPN


Web Proxy and SSL Inspection

Intrusion Prevention and Detection

Content Filtering

Web Proxy Malware Scanning

Web Proxy Malicious URL Defense

Mandatory Encryption and Anonymization for Privacy

Multi-tenant Interface

Contact Management

White-labeled Reporting and Documents

Automated Deployment Support, including Mac and PC script templates

Change & History Tracking

AI Alert Analysis & Incident Creation

Integrated Incident Response Workflows

Integrated Invoicing & Billing

Quarantine capability for infected devices

Granular, Centralized Management for SGN Connect, Tunnels, Configurations, ZeroTrust, Accounts, and more

Integrated Chat Support

Continuous Cloud Intelligence Updates

Real time Threat Analysis

Integrated Intelligence from Paid, Open Source, Deep, and Dark Web Sources

Curated Weekly Intelligence Reports

Beta Features

MSPs who choose to partner with Todyl while these features are in beta will receive them free for the life of the product once they are officially launched.

  • Firewall Logging
  • Proxy Logging
  • DNS Logging
  • Security Incident and Event Management

Additional Features

Your customers come in all shapes and sizes. These additional services are available for those who need them.

  • Tunnel to SGNTM Cloud Connections
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Module
  • Security Operations and Response Module

Reimagine how you deliver networking and security.

We’re inviting MSP's to try Todyl free for 15 days, no strings attached.