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GRC: Governance, Risk and Compliance

Strengthen your security posture while simplifying compliance management with Todyl’s integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance module.

Assess and Strengthen Security Posture

Centered around the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Todyl's Security Framework Assistant enables teams to quickly and easily asses a businesses’ overall security posture. The Assistant summarizes opportunities to improve security and features easy to follow guides to help fill gaps in security.

  • Quickly highlight areas of improvement
  • Detailed guides show how to fill gaps and strengthen security

Manage Compliance with Ease

The Framework Assistant connects the dots between your security practices and major regulatory requirements, such as DFS, HIPAA, PCI and more, simplifying compliance and regulatory management.

  • A single pane of glass to manage multiple compliance requirements and documents
  • Easily customize and manage policies and procedures based on need
  • Quickly identify and remediate gaps in compliance

Generate, Create, and Manage Policies, Procedures, and Documents

Todyl provides templates and security documentation to accelerate the development of the policies and procedures needed to meet common security requirements.

  • Templated policies and procedures written by Certified Information Systems Auditors
  • Easily customize and manage policies and procedures based on need
  • Compliance requirements are automatically linked to policy sections

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Todyl brings enterprise-grade cybersecurity to small businesses in a simple to use, cost-effective package. Todyl's team of industry-leading security experts is based out of NYC and monitor your business continually for threat activity, keeping you safe around the clock.

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