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Deliver Cloud-First Networking and Security to

Construction Companies

Todyl’s unified security cloud platform empowers partners to deliver comprehensive, cloud-first security and networking to Work from Everywhere construction companies

Elevate Security and Networking for Construction Companies:

The Next Generation MSP Approach

Recent high-profile attacks on large construction firms highlight the risks constructions companies face, no matter their size. Construction companies handle and store valuable data, such as employee information, pricing, bid information, confidential contracts, and much more—with access needed both in the office and out in the field.

Cloud Risks
Moving critical business systems to the cloud provides the flexibility and accessibility the business needs, but this introduces new risks and challenges with public-facing services, access control, and VPN connectivity.
Construction teams have always worked in a distributed fashion, with some in the office and some on construction sites, requiring effective security and strong connectivity inside and outside the perimeter.
As construction companies continue to be targeted, protection against downtime, data breaches, and business interruption is more important than ever.

Pivot to a cloud-first, security-first strategy

Todyl’s unified security cloud platform simplifies how you deliver networking and security to construction clients by consolidating the features of multiple point solutions into a single, secure cloud-first network. With Todyl, you can reduce costs, save time, and elevate your security practice, all while growing your footprint in the industry.
“Todyl makes me look like a hero. The solution is easy to implement, easy to use, and clients trust me even more with recommendations I make in the future because it’s a solution that fits their needs.”
Paul Haven, CEO, IT Haven and Todyl Next Generation MSP Partner

Empowered By Todyl

Learn how this Next Generation MSP uses the Todyl unified security cloud platform to deliver cloud-first security and networking to its construction clients.