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Deliver Scalable and Effective

Cloud-First Security to Healthcare

Todyl’s purpose-built platform empowers partners with reduced CAPEX, a stronger security posture, streamlined operations, and improved client satisfaction

Elevate Networking and Security for the Healthcare Industry:

The Next Generation MSP Approach

For healthcare companies, Work from Everywhere poses new challenges to safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring compliance with industry regulations, such as the Healthcare Information Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA).

Critical business systems, such as electronic healthcare records (EMR/EHRs), are moving to the cloud for greater flexibility and accessibility, but also introducing new risks.
Security beyond
the perimeter
Healthcare professionals are rapidly adopting Work from Everywhere and expect to be connected and productive from the office, remote locations, home, or on the go. Experts predict that virtual doctor visits will increase 500% in 2022.
Healthcare continues to be the most targeted industry for cybercrime, with Work from Everywhere creating additional complexity. Implementing a ZeroTrust, security-first strategy can increase security while providing the flexibility medical businesses demand.

Pivot to a security-first strategy

The average cost of a data breach in the healthcare industry hit $7.3 million in 2020. System downtime, incident response cost, fines, exposure of protected data, brand reputation damage — the real costs of a breach add up fast.
Todyl’s unified security cloud platform gives Next Generation MSPs the flexibility needed to meet the unique connectivity, security, and compliance requirements of healthcare clients with ease and confidence.
“Todyl is the solution we’ve been waiting for and the IT services industry has been waiting for.”
50% Opex reduction
David Dadian, CEO, and Todyl Next Generation MSP Partner

Empowered By Todyl

Learn how this Next Generation MSP leverages Todyl’s unified security cloud platform to deliver a ZeroTrust, security-first strategy to healthcare clients.