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Elevate Security and Networking for Legal Firms:

The Next Generation MSP Approach

Threat actors continue to target the legal industry with the goal of accessing confidential information to influence cases and hold sensitive systems and data ransom. Uptime is critical for legal clients whose revenue is based on billable hours. Additionally, partners face challenges connecting and protecting legal clients who work from the office, court, client locations, home or on the go.

Cloud Risks
Moving critical systems to the cloud provides the flexibility and accessibility the business needs, but it comes with risk, including reduced visibility and access control challenges. Also requiring law firms to change their workflows.
Security In
& Out of the Office
Law firms have always worked in a distributed fashion, however they often leverage traditional, perimeter focused solutions such as VPN and Firewalls, which are less scalable and less effective against today’s threats.
Law firms must follow not only their own policies and standards, but those of their clients as well. Leveraging a cloud-first, security-first approach gives legal clients and their customers the confidence they need.

Pivot to a cloud-first, security-first strategy

Todyl’s unified security cloud platform consolidates the features of multiple point solutions into Todyl’s single, Secure Global Network™. Eliminate VPNs, reduce or eliminate the need for public-facing services, and leverage granular ZeroTrust control to deliver the flexibility required to protect data and devices in and out of the office. With Todyl, you can reduce costs, save time, and elevate your security practice.
“With Todyl, I have the ability to completely get rid of the physical firewall. We don’t have to ship anything to our clients. We can sign them up, and implement all of our security remotely. We know that any devices running Todyl are secure with the ZeroTrust platform that Todyl has built in, no matter where the devices are.”
Dan DeFay, Founder & Chief Transformation Officer, SmartFirm IT

Empowered By Todyl

Learn how this Next Generation MSP uses the Todyl unified security cloud platform to deliver cloud-first security and networking to its law firm clients.