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Connect and Protect Highly Targeted

Non-Profit Organizations

Todyl’s unified security cloud platform helps partners implement a ZeroTrust and security-first strategy to secure, connect, and improve the user experience both in AND out of the office

Strengthen and Simplify Security for Non-Profit Organizations:

The Next Generation MSP Approach

Sensitive information including employee data, donors, and bank transactions, make non-profit organizations an ideal target for threat actors. It's more important than ever to leverage ZeroTrust and a security-first strategy to protect staff who are increasingly working from home as the new normal.

Attack Surface
Critical business systems are moving to the cloud, providing the flexibility and accessibility their employees demand. This introduces new risks and challenges with public-facing services, access control, and VPN connectivity.
Security beyond
the perimeter
Employees and volunteers may be working in the office, but also connect in the field, from home, public spaces, shared spaces–anywhere work can get done, requiring effective security inside and outside the perimeter.
Ransomware and other threats are increasing in complexity, making it critical to reduce the attack surface area and segment internal traffic to stop the spread of threats.

Pivot to a security-first strategy

Todyl’s unified security cloud platform consolidates the features of multiple point solutions into Todyl’s single, Secure Global Network™. Eliminate VPNs, reduce or eliminate the need for public-facing services, and leverage granular ZeroTrust control to deliver the flexibility required to protect data and devices in and out of the office. With Todyl, you can reduce costs, save time, and elevate your security practice.
We’re able to secure our clients and get them connected from anywhere, pretty quickly. And that has been a game-changer.” 
Paul Havens, CEO IT Haven, and Todyl Next Generation MSP Partner

Empowered By Todyl

Learn how this Next Generation MSP uses Todyl’s unified security cloud platform to deliver cutting-edge security and networking to its non-profit clients.