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Professional Services

Todyl's unified security cloud platform fuels partner growth with the ability to connect, protect, and upgrade in-office and remote work experience

Elevate Networking and Security for Professional Services:

The Next Generation MSP Approach

With Work from Everywhere becoming the new norm, the professional services industry faces challenges in safeguarding sensitive information, ensuring productivity, and meeting compliance with regulations.

Security Beyond
the Perimeter
While office networks may have a secure perimeter, controlling traffic inside the office LAN, home offices, public networks, and co-working require advanced security controls.
To provide the flexibility and accessibility employees and end clients demand, critical business systems are moving to the cloud and introducing new risks and challenges with public-facing services, access control, and VPN connectivity.
Implementing a ZeroTrust, security-first strategy is critical for success as threats such as ransomware grow in sophistication and continue to target the professional services industry.

See Why MSPs Choose Todyl

It’s not surprising that the professional services sector racked up the highest number of confirmed breaches across all industries (according to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report).
Todyl’s unified security cloud platform eliminates VPNs, can reduce or eliminate the need for public-facing services, and includes granular ZeroTrust control, giving you the flexibility required to protect data and devices in AND out of the office. With Todyl you can connect and protect with ease and confidence, reducing costs, saving time, and elevating your security practice for the most demanding of clients.
“Because of Todyl, we were able to close a million-dollar deal. The client had been dealing with multiple VPN software across 19 locations and 5 states. Todyl gave us the edge to win.”
Ernest Murry, Next Generation MSP, Co-founder and CTO of Genuine Technology Group

Empowered By Todyl

Learn how this Next Generation MSP uses Todyl’s unified security cloud platform to excel at delivering connectivity and protection in a Work from Everywhere world for its professional services clients.