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Change the way you Deliver Cybersecurity and Networking

Todyl enables channel partners to deliver Cloud VPN, SIEM and a Full Network Security Stack with SSL Inspection in a single unified package.

The Secure Global Network (SGN) Cloud Platform

Todyl’s SGN cloud platform allows multiple offices, remote employees, data centers, and cloud services to all communicate privately and securely with ease. Each customer connects to a unique isolated network instance that spans our global points of presence, providing fast, secure connections from anywhere they connect. Todyl's points of presence reside in the same top tier data centers as many of the most popular cloud-based services, improving customer productivity and experience.

Cloud VPN SSL Inspection Device Level Global Firewall Malware Scanning Secure DNS with AD Integration Intrusion Prevention and Detection Malicious URL Defense Content Filtering

Security Built-In, Not Bolted-On

Todyl's multi-layered security platform was designed from the ground up to be powerful, but simple. The SGN cloud platform features Defense-in-Depth Network security with a built-in SIEM and combines Device Level Firewall, Cloud VPN, ZeroTrust, Encryption, Privacy, Malware Scanning, Content Filtering, Secure DNS, Malicious URL Defense, as well as Intrusion Prevention and Detection in a single, cloud-based platform.

Protecting Customers in Today's Threat Landscape

Modern threat actors have a variety of tools at their disposal. With "as-a-service" style attacks and toolkits becoming easy to use and even easier to access, keeping up with security is a full-time job. RMMs, Cloud Service misconfigurations, and public-facing services such as RDP have expanded the attack surface area exponentially. Todyl reduces your attack surface area, removes the need for public-facing services and locks down the services you need to a specific IPS.

One-Click SSL Inspection

SSL connections were designed to strengthen security, however, 70% of attackers are using the same technology to hide from security solutions. Todyl's one-click SSL Inspection enables the SGN cloud platform to inspect SSL traffic for threats, blocking attackers and threat actors hiding within encrypted communications.

Schedule a Demo

Todyl allows MSPs to easily bring world-class security to businesses of any shape and size in a single, easy to use platform. Todyl deploys in minutes, and you can try it free for 15 days. Sign up for a demo today.