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ZeroTrust Security and Networking Platform for
Small Businesses

Multi-Layered Network Security, Secure Global Network, Granular Policy Control, and AI Powered SOAR in a single usage-based service.


ZeroTrust Security

Securing the network perimeter is no longer an effective means of protection. Modern attacks target employees and devices inside the organization, using exploits to laterally move across internal networks with ease. Reducing the attack surface area and having the ability to mitigate outbreaks is critical to beating ransomware and other emerging threats.

Todyl's ZeroTrust architecture enforces granular policies to, from and between all your devices - no matter where they connect - preventing threats from spreading, and shrinking the attack surface area through a single, easy to use platform.

Stop the Spread of Ransomware
Reduce the Risk of a Breach
100% Cloud Networking & Security Protects Devices Globally

A Powerful Security Platform for SMBs

Identify and Respond to Threats

Todyl gathers intelligence from multiple sources including paid, open source, and the deep/dark web to identify and block the latest threats. Intelligence is pushed across the Todyl Cloud in real time, putting you on the bleeding edge of protection and empowering you to respond to incidents quickly and efficiently. Todyl provides incident response tools to mitigate, quarantine, and stop the spread of the threats across your network.

Protect Data and Devices Globally

Employees are always connected wherever they are - from home, client offices, co-working spaces, and more - rendering traditional appliances ineffective. Todyl allows devices to connect directly to our secure cloud, offering granular policy control, a dedicated secure global network and accelerated connections regardless of where your users are connecting from.

Multi-Layered Threat Protection

Get increased security and performance over traditional firewall hardware. The Todyl Cloud leverages 7 layers of defense, protecting data and devices from anywhere in the world with lightning speed and unlimited scalability. Get Secure DNS, Intrusion Prevention/Detection, Next-Gen Cloud Firewall, Malware Interception, a secure global network and more in a single, powerful platform.

Single Point of Control

Get more done with fewer clicks. Todyl's user-friendly interface and always up to date platform reduces management and maintenance overhead. Manage incidents, devices, policies, network configurations, and more through a single pane of glass.

AI Powered SIEM

Traditional systems generate thousands of alerts a day and can cause fatigue in even the largest operations centers. Todyl's integrated solution features an AI-powered SIEM, which extrapolates alerts and creates incidents when human intervention is required. Todyl's AI is like having an intelligent SOC supporting you - without the cost.

Eliminate Capacity Concerns, Hardware and Maintainance

Eliminate performance bottlenecks, hardware upgrades, maintenance, and capacity planning. Our global cloud offers unlimited bandwidth, is always up to date, and scales with your organization. Add or remove devices with a few clicks, and with our flexible SaaS-based model, you'll only pay for what you use.

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