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Next Generations MSPs

Todyl’s unified security cloud platform powers Next Generation MSPs conquering the work from everywhere world.

Connected, protected & productive both in and out of the office

Todyl’s Next Generation MSP program accelerates growth for partners in the Work from Everywhere world by championing cloud-first, security-first and zero-trust strategies.

"Todyl is the solution we’ve been waiting for and IT services has been waiting for. Now we can successfully protect our clients who have employees who work from the office, remotely or anywhere and everywhere."
David Dadian, CEO,
"Todyl makes me look like a hero. The solution is easy to implement, easy to use, and clients trust me even more with recommendations I make in the future because it’s a solution that fits their needs."
Paul Haven, CEO, IT Haven
"Our ability to more than double in size would not have happened without having tools like Todyl in place that are flexible and that work, regardless of client size."
Ernest Murry, Co-founder and CTO, Genuine Technology Group
  • "Their strong focus on security means that we, and our clients, rest easy. They have focused on providing a wide and deep foundation of security analytics that touches every aspect of the computer experience. The integrated SIEM goes far beyond traditional firewall providing an integrated, holistic view of our endpoints and user’s activity"
    Ernest Murry, Genuine Technology Group
  • “MSPs should take a closer look to see how much their next-gen firewall is costing them, because it’s just a lot of unnecessary maintenance compared to Todyl.”
    Dan DeFay, SmartFirm IT
  • “Todyl brings something I’ve not before seen in our industry: a comprehensive cloud-first security platform that covers nearly all the bases that we need to help keep our clients safe, secure and protected.”
    David Dadian, Powersolution
  • "We know that any devices running Todyl are secure with the ZeroTrust platform that Todyl has built in, no matter where the devices are.”
    Dan DeFay, SmartFirm IT