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Secure Global Network

With distributed teams connecting remotely, from co-working facilities, and leveraging cloud services, network security appliances have been rendered ineffective. Todyl’s dedicated secure global network, or SGN, allows multiple offices, remote employees, data centers, and cloud services to all communicate privately and securely with ease.

Consolidate & Eliminate VPNs

Securely connect remote devices, offices, cloud providers and data centers together with ease. Todyl replaces remote access solutions, VPNs, MPLS links, and gateway appliances with a single virtual private cloud network, simplifying management with a single point of control. Todyl also accelerates remote access connections by eliminating the need to tunnel back to the central office, drastically improving the remote user experience.

  • Accelerate remote access connections
  • Eliminate costly hardware and telecom solutions
  • Manage distributed networks and remote devices with ease
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Centralize Management
& Policy Control

Control all SGN traffic through a single pane of glass. Todyl enforces policies at the user, device, or network level allowing teams to easily control traffic flows between devices, networks, offices, and data centers. to simplify management and improve security. Eliminate the pain of managing policies across multiple appliances and improve security by reducing the risk of forgotten firewall rules and user accounts.

  • Streamline operations and configuration management
  • Single point of control for policies globally
  • Control access at the device, user, or network level with ease

Strengthen Access Control

Ensure users and devices only have access to necessary information and resources. Reduce the risk of data exposure and breaches with Todyl’s ZeroTrust model. Keep your billing systems, source code, trade secrets, and more secure from infected devices or compromised users.

  • Limit internal user access
  • Reduce the risk of sensitive data leakage or corruption

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Todyl brings enterprise-grade cybersecurity to small businesses in a simple to use, cost-effective package. Todyl's team of industry-leading security experts is based out of NYC and monitor your business continually for threat activity, keeping you safe around the clock.

Schedule a demo with one of our experts today to learn how to better protect your business, and hear how Todyl’s unique technology makes powerful protection easy for businesses of any size.