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SOAR: Security Orchestration & Response

Typical security solutions are difficult to integrate, generate large quantities of alerts, and lack the tools necessary to remediate and resolve incidents. Todyl’s AI-powered Security Orchestration and Response helps teams focus on what’s important, supports decision making, and integrates security operations workflows, enabling teams to respond quickly and with confidence.

AI-Powered SOAR

Traditional systems generate thousands of alerts a day, causing fatigue in even the largest operations centers. Todyl's AI-powered SOAR extrapolates alerts and creates incidents when human intervention is required.

  • Separate the signal from the noise with AI-powered SOAR
  • Visualize threat trends, response statistics and more to help guide decisions
  • Granular notification control puts false negatives in the past

Detection and Response Tools

Todyl's incident response tools empower teams to mitigate, quarantine, and stop the spread of threats across the network. Leverage Todyl’s ZeroTrust platform to quickly quarantine compromised users and isolate infected devices.

  • ZeroTrust inspection helps to quickly identify threats on the internal network
  • IR tools empower teams to quickly respond to incidents

Integrated Incident Response Workflows

Every minute counts during an incident. Todyl’s Incident Response platform features playbooks generated from a foundation of widely accepted best practices, guiding teams during an attack. Combined with an array of detection and response tools, Todyl gives teams the platform they need to respond quickly and efficiently.

  • Manage protection, detection, and response with a single, integrated platform
  • Comprehensive Incident Response playbooks help teams respond with confidence
  • IR tools combined with AI-powered streamline operations

World Class Intelligence

Todyl gathers intelligence from multiple sources including paid, open source, and the deep/dark web to identify and block the latest threats. Intelligence is pushed across the Todyl Cloud in real time, putting you on the bleeding edge of protection and empowering you to respond to incidents quickly and efficiently.

  • Threat intelligence from paid, opensource, and deep/dark web sources
  • Constantly evolving, real-time threat updates

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Todyl brings enterprise-grade cybersecurity to small businesses in a simple to use, cost-effective package. Todyl's team of industry-leading security experts is based out of NYC and monitor your business continually for threat activity, keeping you safe around the clock.

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