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URL and Content Filtering

Increase Productivity, Prevent Data Breaches, and Stop Users from Viewing Inappropriate Content

Benefits of Todyl's SASE Module vs. Content Filtering tools

More than Content Filtering
Our SASE module delivers a powerful, integrated security solution including a Next-Gen Firewall, IPS, Secure DNS, and more
Increased Productivity
With our built-in URL and Content filtering, you can stop users from viewing sensitive, inappropriate, or distracting content
Works Everywhere
As a cloud-based solution, our SASE module works on any device, everywhere
Why It Matters
As more organizations rely on the Internet as their corporate network, it's imperative to ensure that appropriate controls are in place to protect your organization and increase productivity. Most content filtering tools block at the DNS layer, which significantly limits the ability to implement granular controls. Entire websites are blocked instead of just compromised or malicious pages.
Solution Overview
SASE is the convergence of networking and security that supports the dynamic access needs for the work from everywhere world. In essence, it is the unification of several different networking and security technologies into a single platform. It connects and protects all your resources, whether in-office, on-prem, in the cloud, or mobile, making them securely accessible everywhere.

Todyl's SASE contains a Web Proxy with URL and Content Filtering, supporting customer productivity, compliance, and limiting access to sensitive or objectionable content. By leveraging the Web Proxy to perform URL and Content Filtering, Todyl inspects the entire URL to deliver classifications down to a specific URL level. For instance, organizations can allow or deny access to specific YouTube videos rather than allowing or blocking YouTube as a whole. The content filter engine also enables granular access control of over 70 types of content. Todyl's SASE also includes a Secure DNS, Full SSL Inspection, URL and Content Filtering, and more in a single, integrated platform.

Todyl's SASE overcomes the challenges of clunky, legacy VPNs with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Todyl's ZTNA leverages an always-on, conditional access VPN. The SASE module easily integrates with AzureAD, Google Workspace, Duo, and more. Organizations can create access policies based on user, device, MFA, and more to take back control in a distributed world.

The SGN is the backbone of Todyl's SASE solution. SASE enables fast, secure, and reliable connections to all your data, devices, networks, cloud environments, SaaS apps, and the Internet from everywhere. Todyl built the platform from the ground up based on Zero Trust Principles, unifying multiple powerful security and networking products. Todyl's integrated platform eliminates the cost, complexity, and blind spots from stitching together dozens of point solutions.
Content Filtering FAQ
How does your URL and Content Filtering work?
URL and Content Filtering is performed in the proxy layer and considers the entire URL to deliver more granular classifications. You can set rules to block specific pages, entire websites, or select from over 70 categories that we actively maintain.
I have users all around the globe, will your URL and Content Filtering work for them?
Todyl has Points of Presence (PoPs) around the globe, a private fiber backbone that intelligently routes between PoPs, and connections to every Tier 1 provider and major ISP in the world. Users connect to the closest PoP and their traffic is intelligently routed to reduce latency. All the security features and access control policies work everywhere.