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Endpoint Detection & Response EDR

Advanced Detection and Response Capabilities for your Endpoints to Stay Ahead of the Latest Threats

Benefits of Todyl's Endpoint Security Module (EDR + NGAV)

Unmatched Visibility
Continuously monitor your endpoints with kernel-level data collection and pre-built, interactive dashboards
High-Fidelity Detection
Receive actionable alerts with continuously optimized detection rules that identify the latest exploits, vulnerabilities, and Zero-Days
Faster Responses
Todyl's integrated SIEM accelerates threat hunting and makes it easy to identify root causes. Instantly respond with Host Isolation to stop threats from spreading
Why It Matters
As threats continue to evolve and threat actors work to stay ahead of traditional defenses, prevention alone is not enough. Organizations need detection and response capabilities that provide visibility, actionable insights, and rapid response options at their endpoints to stay ahead of threat actors.
Solution Overview
Todyl's Endpoint Security module combines Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and Next-Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV) into a powerful, cloud-first solution. EDR delivers detailed, real-time visibility into what's occurring on your endpoints. All data is recorded, stored, and analyzed using a variety of powerful analytic capabilities to identify suspicious or malicious indicators.

Todyl's EDR includes advanced threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities. Organizations can run queries against their data, triage and investigate alerts using our integrated incident management, threat hunt, and isolate infected hosts to stop attacks from spreading.

Advanced machine learning (ML) and behavior analytics continuously optimize Todyl's Endpoint Security, helping you stay ahead of evolving threats and detect the latest exploits, vulnerabilities, and Zero-Days.

Todyl's EDR solution includes:

  • Ransomware Detection: Detect ransomware with advanced, machine-based analytics and ransomware canaries
  • Malware Detection: Identify and detect known and unknown malware
  • Memory Threat Detection: Detect suspicious or unauthorized activities like fileless or in-memory attacks
  • ML for Outlier Detection: Identify changes and activities that deviate from the baseline
  • Malicious Behavior Detection: Detect system activities or behaviors associated with known and potential attack traits
  • Host Isolation: Block network traffic to everything aside from the Todyl SIEM to help prevent threats from spreading
Beyond the powerful endpoint prevention and detection capabilities, Todyl's Endpoint Security accelerates response. When an incident is detected, a case automatically opens with enriched data from the SIEM to power investigation and analysis. The SIEM correlates data from across environments, providing invaluable context and unmatched visibility. With the SIEM and cases, you can:

  • Leverage managed threat hunting dashboards to accelerate analysis of the event for highly targeted threat hunting
  • Search and analyze logs with enriched telemetry and aggregated information across environments
  • Build interactive visualizations to investigate events using queries and filters to help drill down into events related to the case
  • Run queries against environments to see if the same activity can be found on other endpoints
Endpoint Detection & Response FAQ
What types of threats can you detect?
Both known and unknown attacks such as malware, ransomware, viruses, memory threats, malicious behavior, and more.
How much work is involved in configuring your EDR to start detecting incidents?
It takes minutes to deploy and shortly after will start detecting threats.
I have anti-virus, why do I need Endpoint Detection & Response?
As threat actors increase their use of memory threats and other sophisticated tactics, they can easily evade traditional anti-virus. Todyl's EDR solution can detect these more advanced attacks, ensuring that you can respond quickly to limit the blast radius. Without EDR, these threats can go undetected until it's too late.