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Managed Threat Detection & Response

Thwart Sophisticated Threats Faster with an End-to-End Solution Far Beyond Traditional Managed Detection & Response

Benefits of Todyl's Managed Extended Detection & Response (MXDR)
vs. Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Personal Relationships
Dedicated Detection & Response Account Manager (DRAM) assigned to every account to personalize and optimize the service provided
Security Posture Enhancement
DRAMs help across the security lifecycle to strengthen preventions, increase visibility & detections, and accelerate response
World-Class Technology
Todyl's MXDR leverages the Todyl Security Platform to keep organizations one step ahead of threats
Why It Matters
Today's threat landscape is increasingly complex and treacherous. New vulnerabilities and Zero-Day exploits are commonplace. Sophisticated attacks, such as supply chain, ransomware, and fileless malware, regularly occur. Organizations need a team of experts to help rapidly identify and limit the impacts of threats. However, it's increasingly expensive and difficult to find talent to staff a Security Operations Center (SOC), putting it out of reach for most organizations.
Solution Overview
With Todyl's MXDR, you get a dedicated Detection & Response Account Manager (DRAM) assigned to your account. They take a holistic approach focused on where your data resides, what systems you use, and how you operate. Your DRAM understands your company and customers, helps you map out an effective detection and visibility approach, assists with custom detections and reporting, delivers personalized prevention and configuration recommendations, and conveys the specifics of your environments to our Security Operations Center (SOC).

Your DRAM uses their understanding to optimize what you ingest and helps to customize dashboards and detection rules to provide you with deep visibility into your environments. They utilize the advanced security features built into the Todyl Security Platform to enhance your prevention and detection. The Todyl Security Platform also delivers an array of rapid response options such as host isolation, LAN ZeroTrust, firewall updates, and more to shut down attacks in their tracks.

Todyl's team develops deep, trusted relationships to help across the entire security lifecycle—from prevention to detection to response—to keep organizations one step ahead of the latest threats. DRAMs work alongside Todyl's SOC to vigilantly monitor your environment around the clock. They proactively hunt for the latest TTPs to find persistent threats. When a threat is identified, they triage, investigate, support containment, and help remediate to limit the impact. They also help strengthen prevention controls to thwart similar attacks from occurring in the future.
Managed Threat Detection & Response FAQ
What log sources can Todyl monitor?
Todyl's cloud-first Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) aggregates and analyzes logs from sources across your infrastructure and the SGN including endpoints, network hardware, cloud services, and more with over 250 pre-built integrations with the ability to create custom ones.
What happens when you find suspicious activity?
When a threat is detected, a case opens automatically. The integrated Case Management provides interactive visuals and dashboards that Todyl's SOC uses to accelerate threat management and response. All details of the investigation are in the case.
How does Todyl help me contain threats and respond?
Your dedicated resource coordinates with you to contain the threat, provides remediation guidance, and gives post-incident assessments/timelines. With the SGN, we have an array of rapid response options such as host isolation, LAN ZeroTrust, firewall updates, and more.