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Next-Generation Anti-Virus NGAV
Protect Your Endpoints with Highly Effective Prevention Technologies that Go Far Beyond what Traditional Anti-Virus Can Deliver
Benefits of Todyl's Endpoint Security Module (EDR + NGAV)
Powerful Protection
Our Endpoint Security delivers protections against known and unknown malware, ransomware, memory threats, malicious behavior, and more
Single Agent
With the same agent as the rest of our solutions, our Endpoint Security is operational in seconds without time intensive set-up or configurations
Always Adapting
Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Behavior Analytics mean Todyl's Endpoint Security continuously adapts to the latest threats
Why It Matters
Traditional anti-virus relies on signatures of specific types of malware to detect and prevent similar attacks in the future. As attackers become more sophisticated, they find new ways around traditional anti-virus, including fileless attacks. NGAV overcomes this by leveraging advanced prevention technologies that make it possible to detect malicious activity with more than just signatures, preventing known and unknown attacks.
Solution Overview
Todyl's Endpoint Security module combines Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and Next-Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV) into a powerful, cloud-first solution. NGAV delivers highly effective preventions both with and without a network connection. It includes:

  • Ransomware Prevention: Stop ransomware with advanced, machine-based analytics that identify known and emerging ransomware in the wild
  • Malware Prevention: Block known and emerging malware
  • Malicious Behavior Prevention: Automatically kill processes based on behaviors and activities with known and potential attack traits
  • Memory Threat Prevention: Block memory threats, including fileless attacks that rely on process injection via shellcode
Advanced machine learning (ML) and behavior analytics continuously optimize Todyl's Endpoint Security, helping organizations stay ahead of evolving threats and detect the latest exploits, vulnerabilities, and Zero-Days.

By integrating several advanced detection techniques, Todyl’s NGAV protects against known and unknown ransomware in the wild. NGAV leverages ransomware canaries—fake, hidden files that entice threat actors and alert if the file is changed. If a ransomware canary is tripped, Todyl’s NGAV helps shut down and stop the ransomware from spreading to other endpoints.
Next-Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV) FAQ
What Is Next-Generation Anti-Virus?
NGAV examines what's occurring on the endpoint to identify the symptoms of malicious behavior instead of just identifying known malware signatures. NGAV leverages ML, AI, and behavioral analytics to quickly and accurately identify known and unknown malware. Once identified, it stops the malware in its tracks before it can compromise your systems.
Why should I switch to NGAV?
NGAV has several benefits over traditional anti-virus, including better protection, lower impact on your endpoints, and easy integrations into our SIEM.