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Ransomware Protection

Prevent and Stop Ransomware from Spreading with our
Comprehensive Suite of Ransomware Focused Defenses

Benefits of the Todyl Security Platform's Ransomware Protection

Shrink the Attack Surface Area
Todyl's SASE module leverages Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and powerful inspection capabilities to prevent ransomware from gaining access to your systems
Identify & Prevent Outbreaks
Our Endpoint Security (EDR + NGAV) leverages ransomware canaries to identify potential infections earlier in the attack lifecycle, and features automated response to stop ransomware in it's tracks
Prevent the Spread
LAN ZeroTrust and Host Isolation prevent the lateral movement of ransomware across your networks.
Why It Matters
Ransomware attacks continue to increase in volume and sophistication. Threat actors find increasingly inventive ways to evade traditional anti-virus and anti-malware tools to steal your data. Sophisticated extortion techniques drive larger and larger ransom payouts. The impacts extend far beyond hard dollar costs, impacting reputation, trust, and more.
Solution Overview
The Todyl Security Platform includes several powerful solutions and capabilities to prevent, detect, and respond to ransomware. Todyl's SASE and Endpoint Security (EDR + NGAV) modules can prevent ransomware before an infection takes place.

Todyl's SASE module was built from the ground up with Zero Trust principles integrated at the WAN, LAN, and device-to-device traffic within the Secure Global Network™ (SGN) Cloud Platform. By infusing Zero Trust throughout, Todyl reduces the attack surface area, limits access to only verified users, and provides secure, encrypted connections to resources, significantly reducing the likelihood that ransomware can infiltrate environments.

Todyl's Endpoint Security module further helps prevent compromise. The NGAV identifies and blocks known and unknown ransomware in the wild. We include ransomware canaries that alert Todyl's Endpoint Security if something alters the fake, hidden file. If tripped, NGAV shuts down the attack lifecycle. The included EDR continuously collects, analyzes, and alerts to indicators of attack (IoA) to provide advanced notice of a potential ransomware attack.

The integrated SIEM ingests and analyzes log data across environments, correlating it using the powerful detection and analysis engine to detect potential ransomware. The advanced search and investigation capabilities mean organizations can rapidly unravel what occurred to accelerate their response.

The Todyl Security Platform also includes several rapid response capabilities to stop ransomware from spreading, such as host isolation, LAN ZeroTrust, firewall updates, and more. These capabilities make it far more difficult for ransomware to spread across networks.
Ransomware Protection FAQ
How do you prevent and detect novel ransomware in the wild?
Todyl's solutions continuously learn and adapt thanks to our advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Behavior Analytics. We integrate several advanced techniques to look for indicators of compromise and IoA that help identify emergent ransomware.
What are ransomware canaries?
Ransomware canaries are fake, hidden files on your devices that entice threat actors to target them. Like a canary in a coal mine, they trigger an alert when altered that allows us to quarantine the infected device.