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Co-Managed SIEM and Security Monitoring

Todyl's End-to-End Solution Goes Far Beyond Traditional SOC/SIEM

Benefits of Todyl's MXDR vs.
Co-Managed SIEM and Security Monitoring Services

Enhanced Visibility & Reporting
Our team of experts can help you optimize what you ingest to provide comprehensive visibility and custom reports to fit your exact needs
Custom Detection Rules
We help you create custom detection rules based on the gaps identified during our detection coverage analysis
Managed Triage and Investigation
We analyze and investigate incidents around the clock, determining the impact, scope, severity, and risk to escalate the threats that matter
Why It Matters
Many organizations struggle to get the most out of their SIEMs. Logs flow into a black hole, and with no guidance on coverage or how to improve your visibility, you're left guessing if you have effective detection. Even with effective detection, interpreting, analyzing, and investigating the data requires extensive training and experience.
Solution Overview
With Todyl's MXDR, you get a dedicated Detection & Response Account Manager (DRAM) assigned to your account. They take a holistic approach focused on where your data resides, what systems you use, and how you operate. Your DRAM understands your company and customers, helps you map out an effective detection and visibility approach, assists with custom detections and reporting, delivers personalized prevention and configuration recommendations, and conveys the specifics of your environments to our Security Operations Center (SOC).

Todyl includes a Co-Managed SIEM and Security Monitoring as part of MXDR. Your DRAM uses their understanding to optimize what you ingest and helps to customize dashboards and detection rules to provide you with deep visibility into your environments. Todyl's SOC vigilantly monitors your environment around the clock to analyze alerts, escalating any threats that require a response.

With Todyl's SIEM, all data rests at your fingertips with the ability to analyze in real-time, gather findings to investigate malicious activity, and accelerate your response. Organizations have the same view and capabilities as our SOC, empowering users to create custom detections and dashboards, investigate cases, and hunt for threats.
Co-Managed SIEM with Security Monitoring FAQ
What log sources can Todyl monitor?
Todyl's cloud-first Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) aggregates and analyzes logs from sources across your infrastructure and the SGN including endpoints, network hardware, cloud services, and more with over 250 pre-built integrations with the ability to create custom ones.
What happens when you find suspicious activity?
When a threat is detected, a case opens automatically. Todyl's integrated Case Management provides interactive visuals and dashboards that our SOC uses to accelerate threat management and response. All details of the investigation are in the case.