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VPN Alternative

Make Remote Work Easier and More Secure with an Always-On VPN

Benefits of Todyl's SASE Module vs. VPN Alternatives

Always-On Security
Unlike traditional VPNs where users decide to connect, our SASE module is always-on and delivers powerful encryption and security
Better User Experience
Users will have a seamless experience in and out of the office, with automatic encrypted connections with the option to MFA to access sensitive resources
Simplicity and Scalability
Ditch the complex integrations, expensive hardware, and VPN headaches with our SASE module that works everywhere and is highly scalable
Why It Matters
In the age of connectivity and remote work, organizations require stronger security and users require a consistent experience in and out of the office.
Solution Overview
SASE is the convergence of networking and security that supports the dynamic access needs for the work from everywhere world. In essence, it is the unification of several different networking and security technologies into a single platform. It connects and protects all your resources, whether in-office, on-prem, in the cloud, or mobile, making them securely accessible everywhere.

Todyl's SASE provides better connectivity and security than other VPN Alternatives. Wherever users work, devices always connect to the Secure Global Network™ (SGN) Cloud Platform for security that goes far beyond what a traditional VPN provides. The SGN leverages a Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) to add additional access controls for applications and services. It helps prevent attacks by hiding Internet-connected infrastructure from non-verified users, significantly reducing attack surface areas. This approach helps prevent attacks by limiting access to existing public-facing and cloud services to trusted and known devices. Todyl's SASE also includes a Secure DNS, Full SSL Inspection, URL and Content Filtering, and more in a single, integrated platform.

Todyl's SASE overcomes the challenges of clunky, legacy VPNs with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Todyl's ZTNA leverages an always-on, conditional access VPN. The SASE module easily integrates with AzureAD, Google Workspace, Duo, and more. Organizations can create access policies based on user, device, MFA, and more to take back control in a distributed world.

The SGN is the backbone of Todyl's SASE solution. SASE enables fast, secure, and reliable connections to all your data, devices, networks, cloud environments, SaaS apps, and the Internet from everywhere. Todyl built the platform from the ground up based on Zero Trust Principles, unifying multiple powerful security and networking products. Todyl's integrated platform eliminates the cost, complexity, and blind spots from stitching together dozens of point solutions.
VPN Alternative FAQ
How does SASE replace VPNs?
SASE enables fast, secure, and reliable connections to all your data, devices, networks, cloud environments, SaaS apps, and the Internet from everywhere. Unlike traditional VPNs that backhaul to a firewall, we provide encrypted connections to the SGN Cloud. The encrypted connection ensures privacy and security on untrusted networks, including airports, co-working spaces, coffee shops, and more, protecting data and devices against malicious hotspots, data collection, and other attacks. After passing through each layer of security in the SGN cloud, packets go to our routing engine. When a packet is destined for the internet, the IP address is masked to hide you from search engines, advertisers, and other IP-based tracking to deliver privacy.
Is SASE more secure than other VPN alternatives?
Yes, all the advanced security features built into Todyl's SASE solution go far beyond what traditional VPNs deliver.
I have users all around the globe, will SASE work for them?
Todyl has Points of Presence (PoPs) around the globe, a private fiber backbone that intelligently routes between PoPs, and connections to every Tier 1 provider and major ISP in the world. Users connect to the closest PoP and their traffic is intelligently routed to reduce latency. All the security features and access control policies work everywhere.