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Zero Trust Network Access ZTNA

Granular, Deny-by-Default Policy Control for Secure Access to Applications and Other Resources Based on Identity

Benefits of Todyl's SASE Module's ZTNA

Reduces the Attack Surface Area
ZTNA prevents access from unverified devices and stops lateral movement to other devices or systems on the network.
Limits User Access
By integrating with identity, ZTNA enables granular access control where the user's identity determines which applications or services they can access.
Global Secure Access
As companies become more distributed and networks more fragmented, ZTNA provides secure, encrypted connections to resources from everywhere.
Why It Matters
In the work from everywhere world, securing a remote workforce is essential. However, legacy solutions such as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and firewalls provide a poor user experience, throttle bandwidth, and provide a larger attack surface for threat actors to exploit.
Solution Overview
Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) provides granular, identity-based access control for secure remote access to applications and services. Zero Trust, as defined by Forrester, has four basic principles:

  1. Assume every network is hostile
  2. Create an invisible network to operate in
  3. Segment and isolate users and applications
  4. Deemphasize the physical network and perimeter, implement security everywhere
The Secure Global Network™ (SGN) Cloud Platform leverages ZTNA through a multi-layered approach. ZTNA eliminates implicit trust from networks, assumes every connection starts from an unknown and potentially hostile device, segments employees, and limits access to only the data and systems that employees need to do their job.

The SGN leverages a deny-by-default design and integrates with identity to allow a user to only access specific applications or services. It easily integrates with AzureAD, Google Workspace, Duo, and more. Organizations can create access policies based on user, device, MFA, and more to take back control in a distributed world. ZTNA prevents access from unverified devices and prevents lateral movement to other devices or systems on the network. There are several different use cases with ZTNA, including:

  • VPN Alternative: VPNs are notoriously slow, easy for threat actors to circumvent, and challenging to manage.
  • Securing Access to Resources: As companies become more distributed and networks become more fragmented, ZTNA delivers granular access control at scale.
  • Mitigating Third-Party Risk: Contractors and other third parties often have more access to systems than they should, leading to significant security risks. ZTNA's deny by default prevents unauthorized access.
ZTNA is a key component of Todyl’s SASE module. SASE is the convergence of networking and security that supports the dynamic access needs for the work from everywhere world. In essence, it is the unification of several different networking and security technologies into a single platform. It connects and protects all your resources, whether in-office, on-prem, in the cloud, or mobile, making them securely accessible everywhere.

The SGN is the backbone of Todyl's SASE module. SASE enables fast, secure, and reliable connections to all your data, devices, networks, cloud environments, SaaS apps, and the Internet from everywhere. Todyl built the platform from the ground up based on Zero Trust Principles, unifying multiple powerful security and networking products. Todyl's integrated platform eliminates the cost, complexity, and blind spots from stitching together dozens of point solutions.
Zero Trust Network Access FAQ
What is Zero Trust?
In short, the philosophy is "Never Trust, Always Verify." Zero Trust in and of itself is not a technology, product, or tool. It's a culture shift and a strategy where you eliminate implicit trust from your network, assume every connection starts from an unknown and potentially hostile device, segment employees, and limit access to only the data and systems that employees need to do their job.
What identity providers does Todyl integrate with?
Todyl integrate with most major identity providers and are always adding more. Reach out to [email protected] for our latest list.
I have users all around the globe, will your Zero Trust Network Access work for them?
Todyl has Points of Presence (PoPs) around the globe, a private fiber backbone that intelligently routes between PoPs, and connections to every Tier 1 provider and major ISP in the world. Users connect to the closest PoP and their traffic is intelligently routed to reduce latency. All the security features and access control policies work everywhere.