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Secure Global Network (SGNTM)
cloud platform

Todyl's SGN cloud platform allows multiple offices, remote employees, data centers, and cloud services to all communicate privately and securely with ease. Each SGN POP is connected to multiple top tier network providers across the globe, providing fast, secure connections anywhere your customers connect. Todyl's SGN cloud platform consolidates the features of multiple point solutions, elevating security, reducing cost, and saving time.

  • Accelerate Remote Access
  • Replace VPNs and MPLS
  • Mandatory Encryption and Anonymization
  • Includes Multiple Layers of Protection

Device Level Global Firewall

Help prevent the spread of ransomware and other threats with Device level firewall policies. The SGN cloud platform offers a single pane of glass for firewall policies globally, enabling partners to easily control the traffic flows of every connected device, location and user, both internally and to the internet.

Cloud VPN

Easily connect your customer's, devices, locations, data centers and cloud providers to our Secure Global Network (SGN) cloud platform. The SGN automatically enforces policy and routes traffic, allowing you to setup a secure, global, cloud-based VPN in minutes.


Segmenting and inspecting internal network traffic is extremely challenging, a leading reason threats like ransomware can spread rapidly. Todyl’s ZeroTrust architecture enforces policy and threat inspection of all internal network traffic, providing an unprecedented level of transparency, security, and control.

Malware Scanning

The SGN cloud platform's Web Proxy automatically scans downloads for threats, blocking harmful content before it reaches a customer device.

SSL Inspection

With 82% of malicious traffic using encrypted communication channels, threat actors continue to evolve their attacks to evade many forms of protection. SSL Inspection analyzes encrypted packets, helping to identify and block a wide spectrum of threats.

Content Filtering

Support customer productivity, compliance, and limit access to sensitive or objectionable content. Todyl's content filtering engine enables granular access control of over 70 types of content.

Secure DNS with Active Directory Integration

The first line of defense against phishing, malware, and other threats on the SGN cloud platform. Security at the DNS level can prevent malware call-backs, including those from ransomware C&C’s, to limit the scope of infection and identify previously unknown threats.

Malicious URL Defense

Threat actors can leverage well known and trusted domains to host malicious content, rendering DNS based solutions ineffective. The SGN cloud platform's Web Proxy adds an additional layer of protection by inspecting the full URL, allowing for precise, granular protection against today's sophisticated threats.

Intrusion Prevention and Detection

Intrusion Prevention & Detection defends customers against a range of threats, from both known and unknown actors. In addition, the SGN cloud platform leverages intelligence driven IDS/IPS to deliver virtual patching when possible, helping partners reduce the "announcement-to-patch" deployment gap of widespread threats.


Security Information and Event Management

Todyl features an integrated SIEM, giving every business access to powerful detection and forensic functionality without the cost. Events from the cloud are automatically aggregated, filtered, and analyzed for partners. Run forensics, gain insights, report on the threat landscape, meet compliance, and more.

  • No VMs, No Appliances, No Setup. Todyl’s SIEM is built-in not bolted on
  • Gain deep insights into traffic and trends to report on what your customers care about most
  • Strengthen forensic capability with the ability to filter, analyze, chart, and map raw event and alert data

Unified Management and Control

Control all SGN cloud platform traffic through a single pane of glass. Todyl enforces policies at the user, device, or network level allowing teams to easily control traffic flows between devices, networks, offices, and data centers, simplifying management and improving security. Eliminate the pain of managing policies across multiple appliances and improve security by reducing the risk of forgotten firewall rules and user accounts.

  • Move security and networking to a single pane of glass
  • Streamline operations and configuration management
  • Control access at the device, user, or network level with ease


Our U.S. based team monitors threat groups and ensures the SGN cloud platform is updated based on the latest intelligence. Reports are sent on a weekly basis, giving partners situational awareness over relevant threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Constantly evolving, real-time threat updates
  • Curated Weekly Intelligence Reports

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Todyl’s Governance, Risk and Compliance module empowers partners to create, implement, and manage a world class security program with ease. We’ve integrated security frameworks, compliance and regulatory requirements, and policies together helping partners scale and improve security posture. Todyl provides the tools necessary to perform security and compliance assessments, identify opportunities to strengthen posture, and efficiently manage a comprehensive security program.

  • Regulation and Compliance Wizard automatically scans 100+ regulations and compliance including DFS, HIPAA, PCI and more
  • Detailed guides show how to fill gaps and strengthen security
  • Security Assessments based on best practice, defense-in-depth strategies across retail, manufacturing, healthcare, education and more

Reimagine how you deliver networking and security.

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