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Cloud Firewall, Threat Protection, and ZeroTrust

Todyl's Multi-Layered Cloud Firewall inspects all traffic for threats including traffic traversing the Cloud VPN and to/from the internet. Todyl combines Next-Gen Firewall, Secure DNS, Intrusion Prevention, Intrusion Detection, Malware Interception, Mandatory Encryption, ZeroTrust Networking, and Endpoint Threat Detection into a single, cloud-based solution.

Identify and Contain Threats

Traditional networks give users and devices unfiltered internal access. Todyl’s configurable ZeroTrust security limits communication between internal resources and inspects all traffic for threats, including devices on the same network. Gain faster breach identification, uncover intrusions that would have previously gone undetected, and respond swiftly with Todyl’s powerful Incident Response tools.

  • Enforce policy and inspect both internal and external network traffic
  • Identify breaches faster
  • Quarantine compromised users and infected devices

Mandatory Network Encryption

Never trust a shared network. Todyl ensures privacy and security when connected to public Wi-Fi, international, and other untrusted networks. Connections to the SGN leverage FIPS 140-2a compliant cryptographic modules and algorithms, including FIPS 180-4 compliant hash functions.

  • Securely tunnel through untrusted and shared networks
  • Protect against eavesdropping and data collection attacks
  • Prevent unwanted data tracking

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Todyl brings enterprise-grade cybersecurity to small businesses in a simple to use, cost-effective package. Todyl's team of industry-leading security experts is based out of NYC and monitor your business continually for threat activity, keeping you safe around the clock.

Schedule a demo with one of our experts today to learn how to better protect your business, and hear how Todyl’s unique technology makes powerful protection easy for businesses of any size.