Introducing the Todyl Deal Desk: Accelerating Partner Growth with Sales Support

Zach Dressander
October 26, 2021

As a channel-first company, we are in a unique position to work together with our partners on new opportunities. Over the last few months, we’ve experimented with our team becoming an extension of our partners' sales team. We’ve helped with everything from pricing and packaging to go-to-market strategies and campaigns to co-presenting to clients. The results speak for themselves:

  • “We won a 500 user co-managed healthcare services deal with Todyl’s help. Todyl's understanding of networking and security best practices helped us beat out the long-term incumbent.” Jay Hoffman, Business Development Manager, Adrem
  • "Todyl helped us start to finish to close a 127 device client with compliance. They helped every step of the way from client presentation to pricing/packaging to client trial."  Hamish Price, CEO, Fundamentals First
  • “We closed a 40 user deal with a NIST 800-171 Department of Defense regulated client, winning the deal from an incumbent MSSP with Todyl’s help.” David Dadian, CEO,

Based on these results and many others, we are excited to announce that we are rolling this program out to our entire partner base. The Todyl Deal Desk will help you close more deals faster.

Why should we use the Todyl Deal Desk?

We have partners around the globe focused on providing IT services to businesses of all sizes and across all industry verticals. Our global view helps uncover unique insights into emerging opportunities, effective marketing strategies, and sales best practices. As a channel-only company, we can share these insights across our partners, helping them to focus on areas that have the highest return on investment.

Our Account Managers have a deep understanding of market trends and the Todyl Platform. They also have significant experience in presenting and selling the Todyl value proposition to both small and medium-sized business (SMBs) owners and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) at mid-market companies. They are adept at flexing the message to resonate with whoever our partners may be targeting, address any sales objections, resulting in a much higher win rate.

How does it work?

There are three primary components of the Todyl Deal Desk:

  • Go-to-market consultation
  • Opportunity assistance
  • Lead generation for partners

For the consultation, we facilitate a call to uncover your ideal target verticals and geographies, growth goals, and the specific areas you'd like our team to work on. The result of these consultations is an actionable plan that we can start working with you on immediately.

For opportunity assistance, we can help you, end-to-end, on an opportunity that you identify. This includes everything from researching the opportunity, developing presentations and materials, presenting with you, helping with pricing and proposals, and assisting with deployment plans. Our team truly becomes an extension of your team. We help however we can to give you the best chance of closing the deal.

The final component of the Todyl Deal Desk is lead generation on behalf of our partners. With our unique position as a channel-only company, we can talk with end-users as networking and security subject matter experts. Our channel-only status allows us to uncover their pain points, concerns, and interest in a safe, non-sales focused environment. We then bring these leads to our partners based on their focus areas and help them close the deal.

When can I get started?

This program is open to all our partners today. To get started, contact your Account Manager and say you’re interested in a Todyl Deal Desk consultation. We’ll set-up time with you to develop a plan that will help you close more deals.

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