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Todyl Security Platform

A Comprehensive, Unified Platform Delivering
Powerful Security and Networking

One Platform.
One Agent.
The Todyl Security Platform eliminates the complexity, cost, and challenges of ever-growing security stacks. Manage your security and networking through our cloud-first, single-agent platform. In minutes, you'll be connected and protected, with unmatched visibility and control across your environments.
Unified Approach.
Limitless Options.
Stop managing products and start building a comprehensive security program. The Todyl Security Platform spans prevention, detection, and response by unifying SASE, Endpoint Security (EDR + NGAV), SIEM, MXDR, and GRC in a cloud-first platform. Todyl streamlines operations, simplifies architectures, and empowers your team to deliver highly effective security while simplifying compliance management.
Cloud First. Global Scale.
Thanks to the global scale and power of the Secure Global Network™ (SGN) Cloud Platform, users can securely connect to company networks, clouds, SaaS apps, and the Internet from everywhere in the world.
Zero Trust is in our DNA.
We uniquely implement Zero Trust at the LAN, WAN, and inside the SGN Cloud Platform. Throughout everything we offer, we infuse the principles of Zero Trust to continuously verify users and devices, limit user access to only necessary resources, and reduce the attack surface area.
The Impact of Todyl
With the Todyl Security Platform, you'll have stronger security while eliminating the complexity, cost, and challenges that stem from stitching together dozens of security products.
15+ Solutions Unified
Todyl delivers the capability of over 15 different networking and security solutions through a streamlined, easy-to-use platform.
70% Reduction in TCO
Reduce TCO by 70% through streamlined operations, reduced capital expenditures, and eliminating licensing fees from multiple networking and security products.
60% Faster Deployment
Start deploying comprehensive networking and security in minutes, not hours or days, with Todyl's unified, cloud-based platform.