One Platform, Todyl Security

Our platform can be deployed in a targeted approach based on your cybersecurity needs or risk profile, but when all our modules are combined your security posture becomes even stronger.


Comprehensive security

The Todyl Platform is best-in-class cybersecurity. Each module is designed to be deployed in a targeted, agile approach to meet any use case. When all modules are combined, our platform becomes a comprehensive security solution that is cloud-first, globally accessible, and features a highly intuitive interface. Our platform helps to eliminate the complexity, cost, and operational overhead traditional approaches to cybersecurity require, empowering teams with the capabilities they need to protect, detect, and respond to cyberattacks.


Solutions unified


Reduction in total cost of ownership


Faster deployment
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A strategic and agile approach to security


Secure Access Service Edge


Security Information & Event Management


Managed eXtended Detection & Response


Endpoint Security


Governance, Risk & Compliance

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Configure Todyl to meet your needs

Consolidate into a single agent

Streamline deployments and optimize operational overhead.

Modular and scalable security

Strategically designed to be agile and easily customizable, the Todyl Platform includes innovative modules that maximize security for any budget.

Modernize cybersecurity strategy

Get ahead of cybersecurity challenges with a platform that grows with your business and evolves with your needs.