Consolidate with a Single Agent

Streamline deployments and optimize operational overhead. With a single agent, your business can use one module or leverage them all. As needs change, you can quickly add new modules without needing to redeploy the agent.

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Platform breadth and depth
Eliminate integration pain

Reduce overhead, increase agility

In a traditional approach to cybersecurity, multiple point solutions and agents increase operational overhead while adding complexity to managing cyber risk. Our modular approach allows for agile and easy-to-deploy adjustments as needs change, all delivered through our cloud-first, single-agent platform.

Improved user experience through consolidation

Having multiple agents competing for CPU and memory can hinder device performance, which delivers a poor user experience. Our platform consolidates these different capabilities into one agent with a single cloud platform, saving time and increasing productivity.

Optimize troubleshooting

Multiple point solutions require different management portals that increase complexity when you need to troubleshoot problems. Our consolidated approach means that all the information you need is in one place, so you can manage any problems that arise more quickly and efficiently.

"Todyl is key to our growth strategy going forward, primarily through the visibility and ease of use of the single-agent platform. It gives our clients all the tools they need, can be deployed quickly, and is customizable to their exact needs."

David Groot, President
Windstar Technologies, Inc


Improved visibility across its security and technology stack by 50%


Increased Client satisfaction by 50%


Streamlined deployment time by 70%

"With Todyl, we can easily show clients that we're thinking ahead on the best ways to protect their users, data and devices. Legislation doesn't yet exist around newer technologies such as ZTNA, but Todyl helps us implement these capabilities as standard practice, so we're ready when regulatory requirements change."

Wayne Stanley, President & CEO
Iron Dome


Improved visibility across its security and technology stack by 99%


Increased MRR 20% by upselling clients with new capabilities


Increased the number of endpoints a single engineer can manage by 50%

"With Todyl, we could see exactly how the incident happened and what information the attacker could get to. This helped us remedy the situation quickly and give our clients peace of mind that no sensitive data was compromised.”

Steven Giacoppo, Founder & President
MJN Technology Services


Experienced an 80% reduction in false positive incidents


Cut costs by 25% compared to other solutions


Reduced troubleshooting time by 30%

Modules in this solution


Secure Access Service Edge


Security Information & Event Management


Managed eXtended Detection & Response


Endpoint Security


Governance, Risk & Compliance

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