Day in the Life of an Onboarding and Deployment Engineer (ODE) at Todyl

Zach Dressander
February 27, 2024

Todyl’s ODE team plays a pivotal role in helping our partners get the most out of our security platform. Heath Kellerman, the head of the ODE team, joined Todyl about a year ago after working in the MSP space as a technical account manager for over 15 years.  

When Heath discovered Todyl, he jumped at the opportunity to work in-house with us because he saw an opportunity to make a bigger impact. With Todyl, he’d be able to help more businesses streamline their operations, deliver stronger security, and move themselves and their customers forward. Heath also owned his own business for over a decade, so his mindset aligns with our partners and helps him better understand their needs, challenges, and goals.  

The ODE team has a unique role within Todyl because they support our partners at every stage and cross-collaborate with almost every department at Todyl. From their first product demo all the way to ongoing support, your Todyl ODE point of contact always stays the same.  

This variety means no day ever looks the same for Heath and his team. Keep reading to learn more about his daily routine and him and his team support partners every day.  

How do you typically start your day?  

Heath Kellerman: “As the head of the ODE team, my days always look different. One aspect of my job is to serve as the technical expert on Todyl Platform demos, and that's first up on my calendar today.”

What role do you play in demos?  

HK: “I work closely with Todyl’s Account Executives to make sure Todyl’s product demos are tailored specifically to a potential partner’s needs. For example, the MSP I’m meeting with this morning wanted to understand how Todyl's SIEM would work for a specific use case / environment, and I walked through the best practices and ways I've seen partners in similar situations leverage Todyl to work in that use case or environment."

What’s next up on your agenda?  

HK: “After this call, I’m joining another partner that has just kicked off their trial period. Whenever you kick off a trial at Todyl you are assigned an ODE (either me or someone from my team) that supports you through onboarding and deployment. I love this part of my job because I get to be their first Todyl experience and start the beginning of what will be a long working relationship.”

What do these calls typically look like? How do you support partners in the early stages?  

HK: “In these meetings I’ll walk them through the platform, take them through their configuration, and address any outstanding questions they have. The goal for me in these meetings is to communicate the full value of the Todyl Platform and make sure they’re getting the most out of it.”  

How else do you support partners, beyond just the early stages?

HK: “Well, another good chunk of my day is spent training our partners and their teams. ODEs don’t disappear when you become a Todyl partner—in fact, that’s really when most of our work is just getting started.  

The ODE team here takes extra time and care to upgrade our partner’s experience and that rings true for their entire team, not just them. On this call I was supporting a partner that needed training for their 40-person team, so I ran them through the Todyl Platform and answered any questions they had throughout the process.”

What would you say is the highlight of your day at Todyl?

HK: “The support I offer in my position is both external with partners and internal within Todyl, which is really rewarding. Besides supporting partners, I love mentoring other ODEs and sales team members.”  

What’s your favorite part of working at Todyl?

HK: “Helping each other out and offering support is a huge aspect of Todyl’s culture. Whenever I need support from another team, I always get it and they’re happy to help me out.  

Another aspect of my job that I love is seeing how our product impacts people’s businesses and getting the opportunity to support their growth. People sleep better at night with our solutions in place and I appreciate the fact that me and my team play a huge role in keeping things running smoothly.”  

Heath and his team play a vital role in ensuring our partners have the support they need to get the most out of the Todyl Security Platform. Learn more about Todyl’s capabilities here.

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