How Merrymount modernized their cybersecurity with Next Dimension

Zach DeMeyer
June 26, 2024

Merrymount Family Support and Crisis Centre celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. The London, Ontario-based non-profit helps children and families in their community work through crises and heal, with safe spaces and a team of caring and dedicated staff.  

Merrymount is committed to the safety of the individuals and families they work with. A secret to their longevity is their ability to adapt to modern needs. So, with many non-profit organizations falling into cyber attackers’ crosshairs, Merrymount knew they needed to prioritize the safety of their client’s data alongside their well-being.  

During a self-evaluation of their cyber insurance coverage, Merrymount grew concerned that their IT infrastructure wouldn’t meet the requirement criteria for their policy. If they were to fall victim to a breach, they wouldn’t be covered by their policy and, more critically, the sensitive data of the families they work with would likely be stolen. So, they sought out the expertise of a trusted IT and security partner, turning to Next Dimension to help them modernize their security approach.

Maturing security and achieving cyber insurance goals

Next Dimension is a managed services provider that supports eastern Canada and beyond, helping organizations address their IT risks and mature their cybersecurity infrastructure to meet modern demands. When Merrymount reached out to them, Next Dimension acted quickly to evaluate Merrymount’s security posture and identified key areas for improvement.  

Next Dimension weighs all clients against NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.  In their evaluation, which includes the services of a trusted third-party penetration tester, they confirmed that Merrymount only partially met the requirements of the Identify and Detect aspects of NIST. In their recommendations, Next Dimension told Merrymount they needed to modernize their security to protect client data and meet their insurance requirements.

Modernizing the security stack with Todyl

Next Dimension knew Todyl would cover Merrymount’s security gaps. The same pen tester had worked with Next Dimension to evaluate the Todyl Security Platform, finding it superior to the other security solutions they had tested.

In less than two weeks, the Next Dimension team evaluated Merrymount’s existing security stack and fully replaced it with Todyl. They relied on the full offering, including Endpoint Security, SASE, SIEM, and MXDR to cover every aspect of NIST’s framework.

With Todyl, Next Dimension could get granular control over Merrymount’s IT landscape, with the visibility and coverage needed to secure their data. Through Next Dimension’s guidance, Merrymount exceeded its insurance requirements.

Merrymount continues to put its community’s needs first while ensuring their sensitive information remains secure. And, as they look to add more years to their anniversary tally, they will continue to embrace modernity with the help of Next Dimension and Todyl.

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