Why I Joined Todyl: Spotlight on Daniel Choi

Zach Dressander
November 18, 2021

We sat down with Daniel Choi, Software Engineer at Todyl, to discuss the journey that led him here, what he is working on, and what he enjoys most about working here.

How did you get started in tech?

In high school, I took my first computer science course. I learned the basics of programming and realized I had a knack for it. I decided to pursue computer science in earnest and studied it at the University of Michigan, graduating with my B.S. in Computer Science in 2017.

After graduating, I started my career as a quality engineer. As a quality engineer, I planned, developed, and executed tests to verify the code's integrity. I also saw how important it is to keep the big picture in mind and think strategically when developing solutions. By taking a broader viewpoint, I established myself as a subject matter expert on testing frameworks. I soon was advising other quality engineers on best practices and helping them think more strategically.

How did you end up at Todyl?

Throughout my career, I made a point to get to know my coworkers. When a former colleague reached out about an exciting opportunity at Todyl, I jumped on it. His description of the team as a passionate, hardworking, and intelligent group focused on disrupting the networking and security space ticked all my boxes. I’m thrilled to be on the team and working on a product that is making a difference.

What are you working on?

I’m currently working to simplify how our partners deploy out to their devices. The changes make it easier to quickly deploy new devices and select which features they want the devices or groups to leverage. It will streamline how deployments are licensed and registered.

I’m also working to enhance our testing and quality assurance procedures. As part of this, I'm developing automated testing to accelerate how quickly we can get new features out to our partners as we continue to grow the platform. These efforts will help make the code even stronger and more resilient.

Outside these projects, I’m also expanding my skill set and learning more about frontend development. In my prior roles, I focused on backend testing, quality assurance, and development. It’s been a rewarding experience to learn more about user interfaces (UI) and see how all the backend work translates to the end-user.

What do you enjoy most about working at Todyl?

The culture and mission are both exactly what I was looking for. The entire team is extremely talented and working to solve a complex problem as evidenced by the significant increase in velocity and impact of cyberattacks over the last few years. Everyone at Todyl takes the time to answer questions, fills in any gaps in knowledge I may have about networking and security, and supports my learning and development. Across all levels, there is a lot of positivity and excitement that’s infectious. I’m taking on new project types that are helping me grow.

What can we find you doing outside of work?

I recently finished building a PC and enjoyed picking the different components to fit my exact needs. It’s been a lot of fun using it to game with friends. I’m also a voracious reader and enjoy reading Chinese cultivation novels. Outside of gaming and reading, you can also find me watching anime and manga.

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