Why I Joined Todyl: Spotlight on Samir Jain

Zach Dressander
July 7, 2022

We sat down with Samir Jain, VP of Product at Todyl, to discuss the journey that led him here, what he is working on, and the north star that’s guided his career.

How did you get started in security?

While studying for my M.S. in computer science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I took a neural networks class that uncovered my interest in leveraging machine learning to solve complex data problems. I dug deep into software engineering and machine learning from there. Early on, I worked on projects covering research, engineering, architecture, and increasing security at the programming and system levels.

I slowly transitioned into product management from there with Avaya, and eventually I moved to a role at LogRhythm that accelerated my career in security. I worked on several different launches while at LogRhythm, including:

  • LogRhythm Cloud, which drove the transformation from an on-prem to SaaS delivery model for its core SIEM business
  • Cloud AI, LogRhythm’s first SaaS security analytics product that I helped develop and launch from the ground up, including pricing, packaging, positioning, and coordinating the go-to-market for the new UEBA product

While at LogRhythm, I also strategized to re-align the MSP/MSSP program. I spent significant time engaging with the channel to understand its needs, pain points, and goals. This information helped with the new MSP/MSSP program and helped inform our product strategy, vision, and roadmap for the channel.

After four years at LogRhythm, I became increasingly intrigued by the role of people in security. I recognized that security operation requires harmonization across the security technology, processes, and people. I wanted to learn more, so I jumped at an opportunity with Arctic Wolf to contribute to the managed detection & response (MDR) space. While at Arctic Wolf, a large part of my job was enterprise strategy and customer experience.

How did you end up at Todyl?

I keep track of the security startup space, especially startups based in Colorado. I eventually had the opportunity to meet John Nellen, and his vision of a holistic security platform impressed me. By providing the bulk of the key capabilities of a security program in one platform, I could immediately see the value and how it would help solve the security effectiveness problem.

As I met more of the team, the caliber of talent working to solve the complex security challenges impressed me. Across the board, every member of the Todyl team is committed to the mission. They work incredibly fast to deliver new capabilities to market, and the opportunity excited me.

What are you working on?

As the VP of Product, I’m working on several initiatives across SASE, LZT, SIEM, MXDR, and more. My primary focus is scaling the infrastructure to deliver enterprise-leading resiliency and stability. I also own the Todyl Security Platform roadmap, ensuring alignment to Todyl's mission by selecting the right feature set based on the needs of our partners and their clients.

The team here is very collaborative, with a laser focus on the mission. I’m incredibly energized by the potential and opportunity ahead of us by bringing prevention, detection, and response together into one platform.

What can we find you doing outside of work?

Living in Colorado for over 25 years, I love the mountains and outdoors and spend my time hiking, skiing, and gardening. I also am very focused on my family and spend a lot of time with my wife and two kids.

What north star have you used to guide your career?

I always raise my hand to take on the hardest problem. It’s not only where you learn the most, but it’s also where you feel the greatest sense of accomplishment.

I encourage those I work with to look for the most difficult, impactful problem and work hard to solve it. You’ll learn new skills, feel better about the work, and open doors for even bigger opportunities in the future.

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