Improving client cyber resilience after ransomware by replacing VPNs and RDP with SASE

In a ransomware attack, a company’s network security approach—especially regarding remote access—can mean the difference between one system being infected and the entire organization. One global manufacturing company learned this lesson when its traditional approach to remote network access led to a full-scale ransomware breach. Having gone through three IT service providers already, their CEO knew he needed to turn to Blueclone Networks as they began dealing with an incident response firm in the aftermath.

Milan Baria, Blueclone’s founder and CEO, and his team looked over the existing infrastructure and immediately identifed several areas to improve. The manufacturing company was using four Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) servers hosted in Azure to connect global and remote users to the headquarters network. Those servers were open to public IPs and authenticated via OpenVPN. Somehow, the company’s three previous MSPs missed the security risks and ramifications of this setup and struggled to incorporate the company’s other non-standard IT needs.

When Blueclone jumped in to help, they knew Todyl SASE would be the ideal solution to this issue.

Download the case study to learn how you too can use SASE to replace outdated networking infrastructure and secure your clients like a hero.

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End users have shared that they love that they log in to their PC and it just works, whether they are in one of the office locations, at home, or traveling.

Milan Baria, Founder and CEO, Blueclone Networks

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