Supporting a construction company’s growth with secure remote access

After experiencing an attempted social engineering attack, Fowler Construction realized that they needed to prioritize cybersecurity as a core part of their operations. On top of that, they needed to transform their access to remote resources to reduce risk and ensure availability.

Fowler turned to IT Haven Pros for their deep experience in securing construction companies. Using SASE, IT Haven locked down Fowler's critical file access, making easier for workers on the job to use their resources as well. As a result, Fowler doubled their headcount and expanded their focus beyond security to achieving outcomes like CMMC compliance to capture more business.

Read how IT Haven helped support Fowler's growth through a security-first mindset by downloading the case study.

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Businesses that invest in cybersecurity are investing in their future. It's why we prioritize helping each of our clients adopt a security-first mindset.

- Paul Haven, CEO, IT Haven Pros

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