Accelerating a partner’s journey towards compliance with UK Cyber Essentials

Wayne Stanley, Iron Dome’s President and CEO, is an IT industry veteran who knows the importance of a strong security posture. Wayne recently shifted his company’s focus to providing leading security services, which helped him bring on more clients, particularly those with high compliance needs. The growth, however, brought a new set of challenges

as Iron Dome’s engineering team struggled to effectively manage multiple tools from different vendors.

Wayne and his team needed a platform that enabled them to more effectively manage client’s security while gaining deeper visibility into their environments. At the same time, they had their eye on current and future regulations, such as the UK Cyber Essentials, and needed a platform that would make it easier to achieve compliance.

Iron dome prioritized several goals as it vetted new solutions:

  • Deliver more holistic protection and full visibility to improve peace of mind
  • Reduce stack bloat and find a timesaving, easy-to-implement solution
  • Partner with a team that shares similar values and emphasizes support
  • Implement enterprise leading security to stay ahead of cybersecurity legislation updates such as the UK’s Cyber Essentials

After testing other tools that didn’t meet these requirements, Iron Dome discovered Todyl. The team appreciated that Todyl’s mission, values, and the breadth & depth of Todyl’s capabilities achieved all their goals with one platform and one agent. Iron dome decided to implement several of Todyl’s modules.

Learn more about how the Todyl Security Platform helped to accelerate Iron Dome's compliance journey by downloading the case study.

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Switching to Todyl helped us achieve every initial goal and more, With Todyl, my team can deliver better security through a single-pane-of-glass with robust reporting that we didn’t have with multiple vendors.

Wayne Stanley, President and CEO, Iron Dome

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