Accelerating a Partner’s Journey Towards Compliance with UK Cyber Essentials

In this case study, we cover how the Todyl Security Platform helped Iron Dome, a UK-based IT service provider, accelerate its journey towards compliance with the UK Cyber Essentials Scheme. The case study also covers how Iron Dome:

  • Improved visibility across its security and technology stack by 99%
  • Increased MRR 20% by upselling clients with new capabilities
  • Increased the number of endpoints a single engineer can manage by 50%

Wayne Stanley, President and CEO at Iron Dome, also emphasized how Todyl helps them keep pace with evolving regulatory requirements:

“With Todyl, we can easily show clients that we’re thinking ahead on the best ways to protect their users, data, and devices. Legislation doesn’t yet exist around newer technologies such as ZTNA [Zero Trust Network Access], but Todyl helps us implement these capabilities as standard practice, so we’re ready when regulatory requirements change.”

Learn more about how the Todyl Security Platform helped to accelerate Iron Dome's compliance journey by downloading the case study.

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