Todyl Success Story: IT Haven improves client satisfaction and security through consolidation

Zach DeMeyer
May 29, 2024

As MSPs look to find ways to mature and advance their business goals and outcomes, a natural progression is from solely managing IT and networking into a more sophisticated, repeatable managed security services provider (MSSP) offering. This same crossroads faced Paul Havens, CEO of IT Haven, as he sought to expand his business and net more new clients.

IT Haven serves organizations across the United States, specializing in construction, healthcare, real estate, and other key verticals. Given how these industries both have many regulations to adhere to and are ongoing targets of cyberattacks, Havens and his team needed to be confident in their ability to defend themselves and their clients against new and emerging threats. To start, it became clear that they needed a way to create secure resource access for their clients from anywhere in the world.

Creating seamless, secure access through SASE

Havens found Todyl’s SASE product and immediately saw opportunities to bring more capabilities to his clients. For example, one construction company had difficulty connecting workers on job sites to their required files. When they could connect to Wi-Fi, the connections were often interrupted, leading to syncing issues across their file centers. And, since the workers were using public Wi-Fi or mobile hotspots, they were more susceptible to attack. With SASE, Havens could ensure that, regardless of where the job site was, each worker could securely connect to an internet provider such as Starlink and have the same seamless experience as if they were in the office.

Since that change, the company rests assured that their nearly 2 terabytes of daily data transfer are secure and easily accessible. They have seen a 400% return on investment since working with IT Haven and their excellent CSAT scores reflect it. On the subject of CSAT, another construction client of IT Haven was so pleased with their services that after just two days of working with IT Haven Pro, they recommended them to other companies in their space as a trusted IT and security partner and advisor.

The affects of consolidation on business growth

The kickback from the IT Haven Pro side has been tremendous as well. The reduction in tickets has opened up Havens’ team to serve more clients. As a result, they were able to expand from one office in Oregon to two, with the second in Pittsburgh, so they can now provide coast-to-coast coverage.

“Before Todyl, we were using about 8 tools per machine, which was a hassle to image and onboard,” Havens explains. “Now, we just use Todyl and our RMM, and have cut our onboarding time down to less than an hour. It’s just as easy for offboarding, too.”

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