Why we need SIEM now more than ever: Six benefits of SIEM

Zach DeMeyer
February 23, 2024

As new solutions emerge to combat the rising threat of cyberattacks, security information and event management (SIEM) solutions still prove to be a critical tool in the arsenal of today’s IT professionals and service providers. Here’s why they are crucial to today’s IT and security operations.

The benefits of SIEM

1. Seeing the bigger picture

Without centralized visibility, IT and security teams are practically operating blindfolded. They're bombarded with alerts from individual systems, making it impossible to identify the bigger picture: correlated events that reveal a potential attack. SIEM centralizes and analyzes data from diverse sources, giving you a unified view of your entire IT environment.

Other solutions aggregate alerts or provide different views of the IT landscape, but SIEM integrates across your entire IT environment to centralize your understanding. That way, you only need a single window to start gaining contextual insights into what’s happening in your environment so you’re equipped to address issues effectively.

2. Detecting subtle threats

Cybercriminals are masters of disguise. They blend in with legitimate activity, remaining unnoticed to the untrained eye. This is where SIEM shines: backed by advanced analytics and threat intelligence, SIEM detects anomalies and suspicious patterns that human analysts might miss. This lets you stop threats in their tracks before they escalate and inflict major damage.

And, given the pervasive nature of SIEM, these detections occur at nearly every point within your stack. SIEMs with extensive prebuilt detection libraries streamline the process even further, taking on the burden of creating and maintaining detections while also reducing false positives.

3. Faster response & reduced impact

Time is of the essence in security incidents. Every second wasted allows attackers to deepen their foothold. SIEM's real-time monitoring and automated threat response capabilities significantly reduce the time it takes to identify and respond to breaches.

With all your event information available in one place, you can easily see the full scale of an attack and quickly identify a solution. Some SIEMs even introduce case management logic into the equation, automatically bucketing together alerts that indicate a larger attack. In total, these aspects of SIEM help minimize the potential impact on your organization and customers, saving you time, money, and reputation.

4. Compliance made easier

Navigating the complex world of data privacy regulations is a challenge. SIEM simplifies compliance by providing centralized log management and reporting. A SIEM with prebuilt dashboards and easily refined search queries gets you the information you need fast.

A major aspect of compliance is being able to both prove you have the necessary security controls in place, but also showcase their effectiveness and how you have handled potential threats in the past. SIEM easily surfaces this information, made easier by streamlined reporting capabilities. Armed with this information, you can easily demonstrate adherence to regulations like GDPR and HIPAA, saving you time and resources on audits and investigations.

5. Proactive threat hunting

Instead of passively waiting for attacks to happen, SIEM empowers you to hunt for threats proactively. You can leverage historical data and threat intelligence to identify vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors before they're exploited. This proactive approach strengthens your overall security posture and keeps you one step ahead of adversaries.

6. Day one value

A common problem with traditional SIEM deployments is that they can be complex and resource-intensive, delaying your time to value and adding ongoing maintenance burdens. This is often one of the reasons why some vendors say that SIEM is falling out of style.

Cloud managed SIEM options take the required expertise and overhead out of implementing and maintaining SIEM, making it simple for anyone to leverage the power that SIEM provides. With prebuilt detections, integrations, and dashboards, you can start reaping the benefits of SIEM from day one.

The bottom line

Unlike what some vendors may say, SIEM is a complete necessity in a robust security program. It's your digital guardian, providing the visibility, insights, and automation needed to stay ahead of attackers and protect your valuable data.

Don't wait for a major incident to drive your need for SIEM. Implement it now and gain insights to drive investigations and report effectively with confidence.

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