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Endpoint Security

Cutting Edge Prevention and Detection with
Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and
Next-Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV)

Stop Attacks. Accelerate Detection. Respond Faster.

Todyl's integrated Endpoint Security combines EDR and NGAV into a powerful, cloud-first solution. With Endpoint Security, you have detailed, real-time visibility into what's happening on the endpoints you manage. It stops attacks, accelerates detection, streamlines threat hunting, and enables immediate response actions.

Advanced machine learning (ML) and behavior analytics continuously optimize Todyl's Endpoint Security, helping you stay ahead of evolving threats and detect the latest exploits, vulnerabilities, and Zero-Days.
Cloud-First. Continuously Optimized.
Endpoint Detection & Response
Ransomware Detection
Detect ransomware with advanced, machine-based analytics and ransomware canaries
Malware Detection
Identify and detect known and unknown malware
Machine Learning for Outlier Detection
Identify changes and activities that deviate from baseline
Malicious Behavior Detection
Detect system activities or behavioral changes associated with known and potential attack traits
Memory Threat Detection
Detect suspicious or unauthorized activities like fileless or in-memory attacks
Host Isolation
Block network traffic to everything aside from the Todyl SIEM to help prevent threats from spreading
Next-Generation Antivirus
Ransomware Prevention
Stop ransomware with advanced, machine-based analytics that identify known and emerging ransomware in the wild
Malware Prevention
Block known and emerging malware
Malicious Behavior Prevention
Automatically kill processes based on behaviors and activities with known and potential attack traits
Memory Threat Prevention
Block memory threats, including fileless attacks that rely on process injection via shellcode

More Powerful Together: Todyl’s Endpoint Security and SIEM

Beyond the powerful endpoint prevention and detection capabilities, Todyl's Endpoint Security accelerates response. When an incident is detected, a case automatically opens with enriched data from the SIEM to power investigation and analysis. The SIEM correlates data from across environments, providing invaluable context and unmatched visibility. With the SIEM and cases, you can:
  • Leverage managed threat hunting dashboards to accelerate analysis of the event for highly targeted threat hunting
  • Search and analyze logs with enriched telemetry and aggregated information across environments
  • Build interactive visualizations to investigate events using queries and filters to help drill down into events related to the case
  • Run queries against environments to see if the same activity can be found on other endpoints
Explore the Todyl Security Platform
Invitation Only MXDR
SASE moves the corporate network into the cloud, overcoming the perimeter, cost, and complexity challenges associated with legacy, on-premise hardware.
Endpoint Security combines Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and Next-Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV) into a powerful, cloud-first solution that stops attacks, accelerates threat hunting and detection, and enables immediate response actions.
Todyl's cloud-first SIEM aggregates and analyzes logs from the Todyl Security Platforms with a few clicks and ingests from sources across your entire environment, including endpoints, network, hardware, cloud services, and more with over 250 pre-built integrations. Coupled with Todyl's powerful detection and analysis engine that hunts for known and unknown threats, the integrated Case Management plus interactive visuals and dashboards accelerate threat hunting and incident response.
With Todyl's MXDR, you get a dedicated Detection & Response Account Manager (DRAM) assigned to your account. Our MXDR includes onboarding and monthly touchpoints with your DRAM combined with 24/7 threat detection & response. We take a holistic approach across the entire security lifecycle—from prevention to detection to response—to keep you one step ahead of the latest threats.
Todyl's GRC module enables organizations to perform security and compliance assessments, identify opportunities to strengthen security posture, and efficiently manage comprehensive security programs. We integrated security frameworks, compliance & regulatory requirements, policies, and reporting into a single place to provide the tools to demonstrate compliance.