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SASE was built for enterprise

Todyl is SASE built for Next Generation MSPs

Todyl’s unified security cloud platform empowers partners to deliver easy, affordable, and scalable solutions to conquer the in and out of office, Work from Everywhere world

Welcome to Todyl’s Secure Global Network™ Cloud Platform

The Foundation for Future-Proofing Success

Efficiently deliver world-class capabilities with a cloud-first, security-first strategy powered by Todyl’s unified security cloud platform.

Consolidate Networking & Security
Powerful & Granular ZeroTrust
Software, Fast to Deploy

ZeroTrust Network Access (ZTNA)

Unlike a VPN which grants a device access to a LAN, ZeroTrust Network Access, or ZTNA, leverages a deny by default design and ties in with identity to only allow a user access to specific applications or services. For example, once the user authenticates, they can then access a file share or an internal web application and nothing else. ZTNA can help reduce the need for public facing services and protects against lateral movement where an attacker leveraging a compromised device or credentials could scan and pivot around an internal network.

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Conditional Access, Always-On VPN

Software Defined Perimeter

Internal Segmentation / LAN ZeroTrust

Next-Gen L7 Firewall (Cloud Firewall / Firewall-as-a-Service)

DPI & SSL Inspection

Web Proxy & Malicious URL Defense

Content Filtering

Secure DNS w/ DoH & DoT Guard

Secure RDP

Advanced Malware Threat Detection

Wi-Fi Security & Integrated Privacy VPN